NES BueroTechnik Rotary - Motorized

NES BueroTechnik

The NES Rotary - Motorized  by NES BueroTechnik. Power, data, media connection system for Smart Meeting Tables, office furniture, collaboration areas. An Audio, Video, Power connection system with motorized opening mechanism. Slim and elegant design embedded in any table surface, with many RAL colour options.

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Socket Types: VDE, BS, UK, F, I, US, UNIV

USB Types:  A, C

Wireless Charging: QI (Optional)

Media: HDMI, USB, VGA Stereo, Microphone, Data: Cat6 Cable (Optional built in)

Power: GST Connection optional, Approved Data Centre CE, GS, VDE Standard.

Colors: Black, Silver.White

Wireless Charging Module (Optional)