NES BueroTechnik DESKPRO/SQ2

NES BueroTechnik

The NES DESKPRO/SQ2 by NES BueroTechnik. The anodized aluminium design and its versatile power, data, media connection system, makes it the preferred connectivity system in Open Plan Offices, Modern Workplaces, Training Rooms and Hotel Guest Rooms, Coworking Spaces and Control Room Desks.

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The NES DeskPro/SQ series are designed to be placed on top of the desk while still requiring a miniumum of space.
With the table clamps the units are easy to install and re-locate. Workplaces will remain undamaged. The new DeskPro/SQ Sereis is a complete program to get the power and data at the place you want it.
All units have a robust aluminium housing and international outlets with child protection (UK, Schuko, F,I,) Including clamps for desks up to 40mm thickness., GST18 Standard or power cable build in. . Available with alu/, black and white housing. Housing Aluminium, anodized, Power cord H05VV-F 3G1,50mm², Mounting Desk Clamps (max. 40mm)

Standard Configurations:

Socket Types: VDE, BS, UK, AUS, F, I, US, UNIV
Media: HDMI, USB2.0, VGA/S, MIC,
Data: Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 (Optional Commscope, Systimax)

USB A+C Charging options (15Watt, 30Watt. 65WAtt)

Wieland Type GST18i Starter Lead Connections,

Optional: Supplement Protection: MCB, RCBO (ABB, Schneider, CHT)

New: IOT Smart Switches Controller
Certifications: CE, GS, VDE, BS6396, SASO, SASO2021, UL,KUCAS, CB, IECEE

The NES DESKPRO/SQ2 is the first choice for Secure connection on top of your workstation.