NESBOO Room Management System

NESBOO the versatile Meeting Room Management & Booking System.   Enhance digital processes and Office operations with NESBOO. Save time with better organizational performance. Release 4.8 contains new IOT Facility Management  Features. Interactive BLE and QR Code platform with  Room Management & Employee Attendance Management.

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Smart Meeting Room Management with NESBOO

NESBOO Room Management how it works:  The meeting organizer announces the meeting and orders the meeting facilities and resources, as well as food and refreshments from the company kitchen. In connection with these orders, the organizer must also enter the names of the meeting participants and information about who is to pay for the meeting expenses, such as those relating to food and beverages.

  • Management achieves a unique overview and information about the utilization of resources.
  • The Reception Desk can see the day's meeting activities and extract information, such as the names of meeting participants, directly from the system.
  • Internal Services receives an electronic message about booking of various resources and a complete overview of the day's tasks, such as setting up tables in conference rooms.
  • The Kitchen receives prompt information about food and beverage orders and catering, and can extract reports for purchasing, production, delivery and sales.
  • The accounting and financial departments gain easy access to expense data for use in invoicing, which can also be automatically registered in the financial system.