NES BueroTechnik TORETTA

NES BueroTechnik

NES BueroTechnik TORETTA, the cylindrical Ergonomic Power, Data, Media connection system. Pop Up Product Design for modern offices.

THE NES TORETTA is a PDU Engineering Solution, to provide ergonomic access to power and data in Office Desks, Conference Tables, Student Desk, Kitchen Surfaces

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NESBUERO TORETTA Installation Areas:
• Executive Desks
• Student Desks
• Hotel Guest Rooms
• Airport waiting areas

• Aluminium Round Profile ( Diameter Options: 60,80,100,120mm)
• Power: UK, VDE, UNIV, US, I, F
• LAN: Cat6, Cat 6A, Cat7
• VGA/Stereo 3.5 mm
• USB  A , USB C

NEW: Motorized Toretta/R20 available now