Meeting Pod NES MEET BAG/4

NES- Berlin Acoustic Group (BAG) Meeting Pods (Made In Germany) . Workplaces face more and more complex acoustic challenges. NES-BAG Meeting Pods  meet the demand of both. Humancentric Design & Technology to enhance productivity in open plan offices. Meeting Pods - A Sound Proof  Space to Focus on the essentials of the workday.

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NES-MEET/BAG4 Berlin Acoustics Meeting Pod Specs: MADE in Germany

H:217 cm  x 204 cm W x D137cm

Sound Reduction: 41 db /  37 db/ Power: 1 W/h/ 13 W/h/ 1x UK Power outlet:

1x USB ports: 2x type A+C

Lighting: LED light (2.700 K)

4 person capacity

230V Power cord UK, 3 meter

Material: FSC“ standards of the

„PEFC“, ISO 38200 : 2018.

Acoustic felt is made from recycled Material

German Green Environment Certification

FIRE Retardant classification "B"

Digital Space Booking System

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