N-MDUS Series R2018

NC - The MPDU series is designed to suit the operational requirements of next-generation data centres. MPDU is a Sustainable, Upgradeable and Maintainable (SUM) PDU system which can be re-configured or upgraded hot without affecting the operation of a data centre.

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NC-MPDU is offered in four different feature levels:

  • Monitored PDU (MA)
  • Per port Monitored PDU (MB)
  • Switched PDU (MC)
  • Per Port Monitored & Switched PDU (MD)


  • Hot-swap NMC (Network Management and Control) module and socket modules for easy upgrade and maintenance.
  • Available with IEC outlets with self-designed locking system.
  • 2.8" LCD screen displays the current (Amps), Voltage (Volts), Power (kW), energy consumption (kWh) and power factor.
  • Independent power supply for the NMC module to ensure accessibility even the breaker tripped when overload occurs.
  • NMC module can be rotated 180 degrees allowing the MPDU to be mounted in any orientation.
  • Low-profile UL 489 certified hydraulic circuit breakers to prevent current overload in each branch circuit and keep PDU running stable.
  • Toll-less mounting to save valuable space in the cabinet.

Remote Access

  • Remote access via TCPIIP and build-in 101100 bit Ethernet port.
  • Support network communication protocol including TCPIIP, PPP, UDP, HTIP, TELNET, SSL, SMTP, DHCP, SNTP, and DNS.
  • Support SNPM V1, V2 and V3.
  • Support Modbus RTU.


  • Remotely monitor voltage I current I power factor I energy consumption at input I circuit level.
  • Remotely monitor current power I energy consumption at outlet level (MB I MD series).
  • Remotely monitor circuit breaker on/off status.
  • Rack environment monitoring via external connected TIH sensor.

NC-Remote control(Switch on I off I reboot) individual outlet.

  • User-defined sequential power on I off delay.
  • Last known power on.
  • User-defined threshold settings of voltage I current I at input I circuit level.
  • User-defined threshold settings of voltage I current I at output level (MBI MD series).
  • Support up to 5 user accounts with different administrative privileges