NES FLEXPONT Qi4.0 Wireless mobile charger

NES BueroTechnik

NES Charger QI

Charges Qi-compatible mobile devices according to WPC Standard Spec.

The charging coil is mounted on or below the work surface (desk, kitchen, counter etc.) and allows wireless charging.

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NES FLEXPOINT QI Charger Standard  Specification:
- Operating voltage: 9V ( 5W, 10W, 15W)
- External power supply unit
- 230 V with 1.5 m cable (Optional integrated)

Output power: 10 W (DC5V 1A / 9V 1.1A)
Input power: 15 W Max (DC5V 2A / 9V 1.67A)
Standby power: 0.45 W
Charging Z-Distance: 0-8 mm (coil to coil)
Surface Cutout size: 80 mm
Desk Thickness: receiver:collar for 2-18 and 18-35 mm desktops

Smart Phones without QI receiver cane be upgraded with an NES QI/Adapt kit.