NES BueroTechnik QMS Turnstile 1 View full size

NES BueroTechnik QMS Turnstile 1

The QMS Turnstile manufactured by NES BueroTechnik. Stylish appearance, anti-panic mechanism, fold automatically by fire alarm system and remote control, and build-in sound/light alarm system.

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  • Concept modern design and stylish appearance let it fit any modern interior decor and satisfy any customer needs.
  • Unique patented anti-panic mechanism of barrier arms folding. All three barrier arms of the turnstile fold automatically by the signal from the fire alarm system or remote button. Thus, people could quickly leave the building in an emergency situation.
  • The body of the turnstile, its barrier arms and the remote are made of aesthetic matte stainless steel. It guarantees a long life cycle of the turnstile and prevents leaving fingertips.
  • The mechanism of protection against reverse-turn and withholding of barrier arms and built-in sound/light alarm system prevents unauthorized passing through the turnstile.
  • The absence of sharp corners in the turnstile's body prevents injuring of people passing through it.
  • An electric drive provides comfortable passing through the turnstile and soft turning of barrier arms to the starting position.
  • There is special provided place for additional electronic modules in the turnstile body. Turnstiles PRAKTIKA are compatible with any access control system.
  • Large stylish LED display made of polished artificial stone is made specifically under the necessary angle for ease of view.
  • The cover concealed mounting of the turnstile to the floor.