NES BueroTechnik Single FlipBox

NES BueroTechnik

NES Single FlipBox. Brushed, Anodized  Alumnium designed Cable Cubby. Ergo Pull Opening System, Easy Connection Port for: IPhones, USB, Notebooks to projectors or TV screens in Conference Rooms, Hotel rooms, Meeting areas, Offices. The versatile Ergonomic Cable Cubby System by NES. (Double Flip Box Design available)

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NES Single FlipBox is a versatile system for plug & play power, data and media access in meeting rooms. The table embedded Single FlipBox System follows in form and function an ergonomic design concept. The NES Flip Box guarantees easy access to power, network and media connection points through a workspace embedded system, which provides security and ergonomic accessibility in one product.

  • Power Modules: UK, VDE, US, F, I, Universal
  • Media Modules: HDMI, USB, VGA, RCA
  • Data: RJ45, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7
  • Option: GST Wieland Connection, Energy Saving Switch
  • MCB, RCBO Optional
  • CE, GS, TUV, SASO2018certified