NES BueroTechnik

The ergonomic workspace solution for health and well-being in modern Offices.

The NES ERGO ECO/FIT Series height-adjustable standing desks feature a two-tiered design with an upper display surface and lower keyboard/mouse deck.

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The keyboard deck is fixed, and raises and lowers
along with the display surface for maximum
convenience and ergonomic comfort, health and
well-being guaranteed.

The upper display surface gives you enough
room for your monitors and additional
Accessories. The lower keyboard/mouse deck is
spacious enough for a full-sized keyboard,
mouse pad and mouse, or even a graphics table.

Technical Details NES ERGO ECO/FIT:

  • Material: E1 Melamine MDF, Base frame: Metal
    and Magnesium, Zinc Alloy adjust joint system.
  • Automatic adjustment device with Keyboard
    tray (610×260×9 mm).
  • Colours: White, Black.
  • Load: Max 40 KG
  • Height System: Adjustable Height
  • (5 Step System): 165 mm-250 mm- 3
    25 mm-385 mm-415 mm
    Sizes: 810×520×9 mm; Carton Size:
    880×695×225 mm (Fully assembled).