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Welcome to the SmartOffices blog page. This blog site aims to cover all benefits of integrated power, data, media and ICT connectivity systems – plus the health benefits of ergonomic workplaces.

What to expect from NES BueroTechnik at GITEX 2021

NESBUERO Room Management System NESBOO/R19 at GITEX 2021.

Meetings and Meeting Rooms in the age of digital transformation are designed based on effective business processes. Due to its outstanding flexibility in design and meeting room management, NESBOO/R19 has been selected by the key exhibitors at GITEX 2021, to manage their meeting rooms during this prestigious digital technology event.

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Digitalization and Office integrated ICT connectivity

The Digital Age has proven that the last mile of ELV and LAN security design for data connectivity in workstations is crucial for business operations. An increasing number of Fortune 500 organizations run their offices, conference tables, office desks with NES-BUEROTECHNIK integrated connectivity solutions.

Cable Management Solutions

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Digital Building Signage and Facility Management

Commercial buildings and IOT solutions become more important for the lease decision of international corporates. The NESBUERO eFacility Management and Meeting room manager (NESBOO/R19) is the best practice solution how to integrate meeting rooms into IOT networks, with a short term ROI.

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Holistic LAN & ELV Connectivity Integration - Workspaces become more secure and healthier

Healthier workspaces with holistic NESBUERO ERGO Desk Systems. NES eDesks solutions are ergonomically equipped systems. Sit and stand solution with integrated ICT and ELV connectivity. Health, collaboration and performance features in ONE solution.

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